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Charity Consignment Program – Best Charity Consignment Program:

Charity_EventCharity Consignment Program – Best Charity Consignment Program:

ASM is the top charity consignment company in the country, and we offer the best charity consignment program nationally as well as the best charity consignment program in Cincinnati hands down.   ASM has developed a charity consignment program that will make your next fundraising event easy to put together, exciting because we have lots of great items, and a money maker because our items sell.

We offer a great selection for you to choose from when it comes to items for your event.  We have both lower end as well as high end items so we can find items that fit just right for the crowd attending your event.  Our charity consignment program is risk free.  Our staff is highly experienced and we have done well over 1,000 successful events both locally and nationally, so you can rest assured that we can help you create a fun and exciting event that people will remember.

  • Fine Art
  • Sports Autographs & Memorabilia
  • Rock n Roll Memorabilia
  • Movie & Television Autographs & Memorabilia
  • Movie Posters
  • Jewelry
  • Clocks
  • Pottery
  • Ladies Purses
  • Gift Baskets
  • Travel Packages
  • Trips & Excursion Packages

Signed guitars on displayCharity Consignment Program – Best Charity Consignment Program Cincinnati

ASM started providing silent auction consignment services over four years ago, and since then we have become the best charity consignment program nationally as well as the best charity consignment program in Cincinnati.  We work with over 200 charity events a year in Cincinnati alone.  Our products are the best and our service is excellent.  Find out why so many charities both locally and the tri state area feel that ASM is the best charity consignment program in Cincinnati

Charity Consignment Program  – Best Charity Consignment Program Columbus, Ohio

ASM is proud to help charities all across the United State, and especially those in our neighboring cities this is why ASM has become the best charity consignment program in Columbus, Ohio as well.  We work with a large number of Columbus, Ohio charities each year providing wonderful products including a huge selection of Ohio State as well as free consultation and set up at events like we do for all of our events.  ASM offers the best charity consignment program in Columbus Ohio, and we are proud of the work we do both there and nationally for the charities we work with.

Charity Consignment Program  – Best Charity Consignment Art

If you are looking for charity consignment art or a charity consignment company that offers a wide selection of prints and original art, then look no further.  The charity consignment art program is one of the top programs in the country.  We have many original art pieces to choose from including paintings, sculptures, lithographs, prints, and rare pottery.  ASM has been providing charity consignment services for years, and we work with charities both big and small around the country providing the best charity consignment art.

Charity Consignment Program  – Best Charity Consignment Autographs

ASM’s charity consignment program all started with the desire to help charities looking to raise more funds and make their events more exciting, so we developed the best charity consignment autographs program in the country.  We make things simple.  You select the autograph items that work best for your event.  For local events we will provide free set up and delivery and for national events we will ship the items right to your door.  We are experienced at making events great and helping charities raise more funds.

Charity Consignment – Best Charity Consignment Rock n Roll

ASM also offers a huge selection of charity consignment rock n roll items.  We rock n roll autographs, memorabilia, and signed guitars.  If you want a rock n roll items risk free in your next silent auction then look no further.  ASM has both low end unsigned rock n roll items as well as high end one of a kind signed pieces.   For the best charity consignment rock n roll items contact is at ASM.

Charity Consignment Program – Best Charity Consignment Travel Packages

As the top charity consignment program in the country, ASM has the widest selection of the best charity consignment travel packages.  We have travel packages, excursions, and unbelievable sporting events.  With over 100 different packages to choose from you can make you next event a big one.  All of our travel packages, excursions, and sporting event packages are 100% no risk and no upfront cost.  You simply choose the packages that work best for your nest silent auction, raffle, or live auction and we do the rest.  We will provide you with all the information to make sure everyone knows the awesome items you are offering.  You only pay once the package has been sold at the event and once your organization has received payment.  This is a totally risk free program.  ASM’s charity consignment program would not be complete without us offering the best charity consignment travel packages as part of our program.

Contact ASM today and speak to one of our Fundraising Specialist.  We will be happy to assist you and provide you with free consultation on our products and services as well as ways you can make your next event the most profitable, exciting, successful and fun event you charity or fundraising group has ever gad!

ASM (513) 763-9373


Picture Framing Cincinnati

Custom framing IIPicture Framing Cincinnati – ASM Custom Framing

When you go to find the best picture framers in Cincinnati by doing as most people do and search picture framing Cincinnati, you may not get the whole story.  You see there are many choices when it comes to who you should use for picture framing, but there is one company that Customers constantly rave about.  There is one picture framing company in Cincinnati that has proven time and time again why they are the best and that is ASM Custom Framing.

Picture Framing Cincinnati – Best Value Custom Framing Cincinnati

ASM custom framing has become the top picture framing company in Cincinnati by providing great value to our Customers.  We do this by offering them a combination of quality, experience, service, and pricing that leaves no doubt once they have brought their custom framing to us.

Picture Framing Cincinnati – Most Experienced Picture Framers in Cincinnati

To be the best you have to first start with experience and knowing how to do things right, and ASM Custom Framing is the most experienced picture framer in Cincinnati.  Our team of Framing Specialist have an average of 28.5 years of picture framing and custom framing experience under their belts.   Our company frames more high quality items in a week than most custom framing companies in Cincinnati frame in a month or more.  Our experience allows us to custom frame any item that you may have.  We are focused on high quality framing at a very fair price.

Picture Framing Cincinnati – Corporate Framing & Contract Framing Cincinnati

ASM Custom Framing is the top corporate framing  company and contract custom framing company in Cincinnati and nationally.  ASM custom Framing works with many of the top companies in Cincinnati and nationally as well providing top of the line custom framing products and services that are geared specifically for your corporate custom framing and contract framing needs.

ASM Custom Framing can handle any corporate framing project that you may have whether you need one item or 1,000 items framed, we can help.  We offer high quality value driven contract framing services.

Our Service Offering Includes:

  • Custom Framing
  • Archival Framing
  • Digital Printing & Mounting
  • Computerized Mat Cutting
  • Corporate Art Dealer
  • Digital Photo Restoration
  • Photo Shoots & Custom Photographed Displays
  • Corporate Design Services
  • Canvas Printing


Silent Auction Vacations & Travel Packages

Fastet CarSilent Auction Vacations & Travel Packages

Silent auction vacations and travel packages give your nonprofit, charity, or fundraising group the chance to really make your next silent auction a huge success.  These packages are always a hit at silent auctions whether you are traveling to Europe, swimming with sharks, driving the 7 fastest cars in the world, going to the Master, checking out the Superb owl, or simply going to the Grammys as a V.I.P.  All of these great silent auction vacations and travel packages are offered at Advanced Sports Marketing Continue reading

Best Place to Get A Jersey Framed In Cincinnati

Dalglish Jersey Photo

The Best Jersey Framers In Cincinnati Photo

If you want to know the best place to have a jersey framed in Cincinnati, then look no further.  ASM Custom framing is the top jersey framer in Cincinnati.  We have over 60 years of combined custom jersey framing experience, best selection of framing materials to choose from and a low price guarantee.   We specialize in custom jersey framing.  We know how to frame jerseys better than anyone because we frame more jersey than anyone in Cincinnati. Continue reading


ASM has built a brand that strives to always produce our products and services with excellence in mind, and to exceed our Customer’s expectations.  We have worked with thousands of charities to provide them with fundraising support through our consignment programs.  We have worked with both large and small companies to offer corporate solutions, and we work with great individual buyers each day.  Some looking to buy a gift, some wanting to add to their collection, and others looking to find investment grade autographs and memorabilia items.  We appreciate all of them and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to work with them and their organizations!


ASM has an outstanding corporate services offering.  We are experts when it comes to providing B to B products, solutions, and services.  Whether you need corporate custom framing, consigned items for a fundraising or charity event, athlete/celebrity vet help, a great gift for your Customers, or a large scale product production, ASM offers cost effective corporate solutions that will help you meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


ASM welcomes the opportunity to work with any professional athletes, actors, actresses, musicians, and any other celebrity.  We offer a wide range of opportunities in the form of public and private autograph signings, celebrity placement, product creation, as well as branding services.  Find out why so many athletes and celebrities choose to work with ASM.


ASM has something for every fan.  Whether you are a sports fan, music fan, movie and television fan, or a fan of history and politics, we have products that you are going to love.  We offer our Customers the highest quality collectibles, autograph, and memorabilia.  Our reputation for selling wonderfully unique, quality driven and authentic certified collectibles is outstanding.   Find out why so many fans choose Advanced Sports Marketing as a company they can trust to find unique and quality products for gifts, to add to their collections, or to invest in.