Charity Consignment Program

Silent Auction

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Here Is How Our Silent Auction Program Works!

  • Your charity decides on your date for your event 
  • You Choose the consignment items that you like (via list, web, or store visit)    
  • ASM provides the items for your event with no up-front cost to your charity
  • ASM creates a list of all items for your event along with cost of what the items sell for 
  • ASM provide a brief description of the item that will be placed in your event
  • ASM can help you with bid sheets as well for your event
  • ASM can provide a grid, displays, and full set up of all items at your event
  • You start your bidding at the amount that you choose
  • Your organization makes money on all the items that sell at your silent auction
  • Any monie bid over the minimum bid goes to your charity
  • We can even be present if needed in to assist with your fundraiser
  • We deliver these items to your fundraiser and pick them up afterwards, saving you time, resources, and work
  • ASM has thousands and thousands of items to choose from including (over 1,000 limited edition photos, bats, balls, autographed items, jerseys, rookie cards, paintings, movie related sports items, vintage equipment and photos,).  We carry items for every sport, television, music, comics, space, and politics
  • We offer jewelry, ladies purses, baskets, original art, paintings, travel packages, etc
  • All items carry an Advanced Sports Marketing authenticity guarantee

Advanced Sports Marketing specializes in helping your organization utilize our products (sports memorabilia, entertainment memorabilia, original art, purses, jewelry, pottery, travel packages, etc.) to raise interest, excitement levels, overall fun, and more money than you ever had before before at your next fundraising silent auction or raffle.

Some of Our Past Set Ups for Our Customers Charity Events:

Event Photo II Event Photo III Event Photo One Event Photo IVSigned guitars on displaySt. Joseph 1St. Veronica 3Moeller 2010 Stag 3Travel Packages display 2