Free Fundraising Ideas

New IdeaFree Professional Advice on How to Have a Great Fundraiser

Advanced Sports Marketing has designed a winning fund raising program that combines the finest selection of sports memorabilia, movie memorabilia, music memorabilia, autographs, women’s purses, jewelry, and original art work along with exceptional first class fundraising services.   We provide free fundraising ideas and we will provide you with a free advice on how to make your next fundraiser a great one!

Advanced Sports Marketing can even provide you with winning fundraising techniques to help make your next fundraising event a total success.   Advanced Sports Marketing will even supply you with display grid and other tools to help your fundraising display and silent auction display look top notch.  We are experts in fundraising displays and helping our Customers put on first class events.

We have set up fundraising events and raffles for multiple charities including the N.F.L Alumni Association,  Mercy Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and many youth sports leagues and teams just to name a few.  Let us help you with your next fundraising raffle!

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