Charity Fundraising Help

Benefits PhotoA.S.M has the top charity fundraising programs in the country.  We have worked with over 650 charities to help them raise more funds at their events, make their events more enjoyable for their members, and to make their fundraising event memorable and simple!

At ASM we are here to help you and your fundraising organization work less and make more for your charity.  We have a variety of programs that offer you support and products that you can use to make your next fundraising event a total success.  Best of all, our services have no up front cost.  We offer free consultation and ideas that will really impact your next event.  Feel free to contact one of our Event Specialist to find out how we can help you.  Let us do all the work, and your charity reap all the rewards!

•  Great fundraising ideas
•  Silent auction support and set up
•  Great products for you to raise more money
•  Wide selection of products
•  Custom framing services
•  Free professional consultation on your event
•  We have a team to help develop the best fundraising ideas
•  We help make your event fun for your guest
•  We care about details, and we take pride in our work
•  We work with you to make your event great!
•  We help make your event memorable

How Can We HelpHow A Silent Auction Works

How a silent auction works in simple.  Items for the auction are either donated or consigned for the auction.  A list of silent auction items is developed and then the silent auction items are priced.  In the event the item was donated then you can basically begin the bidding for the auction at any price you choose.  If the silent auction item is consigned, this means you have been given the item to sell, but it has to be sold at least at the cost of the item.  For example, a Peter Rose autographed and framed picture for your silent auction has been consigned.  Advanced Sports marketing consigns the Pete Rose autographed and framed photo to your event.  The cost is consigned at $65.00.  This means that the starting bid for the Pete Rose autographed item must be set to at least $65.00 to start the bidding.

So now you have your items for your silent auction.  You have developed a list of all of the items, and you have priced the items for the auction.  Now you can pre-advertise your list before your event to get people excited about the items that you have.

The big day of the silent auction is here.  You display all of the items out at your event so the attendees at your event can easily see them.  You create a silent auction bid sheet for each item.  The silent auction bid sheet should include the silent auction lot number, a description of the silent auction item, and the starting bid for the item.  Let the silent auction bidding begin!

Silent auctions items can come in a wide variety of ranges.  Charities use painting for silent auction, autographs for silent auction, sports memorabilia for silent auctions, jewelry for silent auctions, women’s purses for silent auctions, sports tickets for silent auctions, gift baskets for silent auctions, and variety of other items as well.

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